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Nov 24, 2019 #Life goals, #Requirements
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Goals are the most important part of a human’s life. “A person without goals is worthless” or something similar is what everyone considers. Well, some may contradict to this but the truth is if you do not have a goal then it only means that you are dead. Everyday, every moment of your life that you spend is either directly or indirectly contributing to your goal. For example, if you are lying around or listening to music or doing something that you feel is not contributing to your aim, then that activity will be considered as a refreshment for doing something bigger tomorrow.

But why am I writing about goals when the title mentions “Requirements“? Oh yes, if you are looking at a bigger perspective, there is only one goal and that is “to stay alive”. Whatever you do besides this, are just the requirements to achieve the one and only goal. Different people have different requirements which means the way they choose to live is different.

Goals of each person varies from one another
Different people have different requirements

Ok, I guess that’s enough to give an introduction. Basically, all your requirements shall further sub-divide into mini-requirements. It would look like a checklist to achieve the final requirement. For example, let’s say you want to go on a trip. The most important thing is to decide the location and gather all your friends. This will be the main requirement for the trip. But that’s not enough. If you set out with only the main requirement, the entire trip will be spent on talking about “what could have been done”. Instead, further divide it into mini-requirements like the route to take, the transport to use, deciding the budget, places to visit, restaurants, hotels to stay, etc. This will also help in saving a lot of money.

My Experience with Goals

I had a very good experience in finishing my project when I could get all my requirements right. First, I made a list of things that my project is supposed to do. Second, I got the list of all the hardwares and softwares required to complete the project. Third, for each hardware I listed in second point, I made a list of what it should do, that includes the boundary conditions.

Once I got the requirements ready, I made a flowchart to understand how my code should flow through the hardwares. Now I got the requirements and flowchart ready. These are the most important things in a project. Now, I set out to get all the hardwares.

The implementation of the project becomes very simple from now. Whatever is done till now will contribute to 50% of the entire project time. Only 10% of the time will go for initial implementation. Once the initial implementation is done, the remaining time was spent on checking the boundary conditions and testing the code for extreme cases. Always make sure you check the worst case scenario whenever you code. This will not only help in easing the way to complete the project but also reduce the investment, both time and money, in the project.

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