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omicron update

Infectious disease called omicron is caused due to SARS-CoV-2.

With different mutations on how it behaves i.e. severity and spread of the disease.

  • The omicron variant has been creating waves across the continents on its severity and is currently being studied by South African scientists and WHO on how to handle the disease.
omicron update

What do we know about omicron ?

  • The virus has spread across the world and baffled leading scientists.
  • Warning and alerts have started across all nations.
  • Research and development is underway to find the severity of it.

How is omicron transmissible ?

  • Studies are underway to find if the covid-19 variant is much more deadlier than the delta variant.
    • There’s no proof as of now to come to a conclusion if the virus can be transmissible via droplets.
    • South Africa is the only country with multiple omicron cases.
    • Protocols and precautions should be in place.
    • This is possible by imposing strict measures on security protocols at populated places.

How does it help against infected patients ?

  • There is no solid evidence as of now about the effectiveness of the virus on the previous infected individuals.
    • Certain studies shows that it is highly infective when compared to the delta variant.
    • Covaxin and Covashield are being studied for its resistance against the infection.

Studies on the use of medicine:

  • Corticosteroids like methyprednisolone or dexamathasone have proven effective against most of the variants of covid-19.
    • Furthermore, Studies taken up by WHO is to provide concrete data regarding the virus.
    • Use of antiviral drugs such as favipiravir and remdesivir are still in advance stages of study around the world with further evaluation.
    • The antiparasitic medication named Ivermectin has shown promise.

Precautionary conditions:

  • Data based studies and Risk analysis:
    • Public health measures to educate the countries to stop the spread of the virus in different areas.
    • Educating people on vaccination.
    • By providing extreme measures to fulfill the demand.
    • Field investigations along with laboratory assessment of the disease with diagnostic approach.
    • It helps in finding a better and effective method to overcome the spread of the disease,
    • Furthermore, countries should find the diseased clusters and shut down the areas in order to further prevent the spread of the diseases to other parts of the country.
    • Quarantine period of omicron infected patients should be strict.
    • Further studies among scientists in order to prevent widespread across nations.
    • To prevent usher panic.
    • Meanwhile, extreme vigil implementation in omicron infected areas.
    • Use of N95 masks , physical distance at a distance of 6 meters , avoid poorly ventilated areas and overcrowding .
    • Additionally, hands should be disinfected by washing thoroughly followed by use of bent elbow when sneezing or coughing.
    • Healthcare workers should be given a booster dose and wearing of PPE kits should be strictly followed while treating patients.
    • South Africa is said to have been affected the most, with children being infected . But due to there immense immunity the disease has not taken many lives as of now.
    • To enumerate, Omicron variant has spread to European nations, Hong Kong, Belgium, Israel, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Botswana and more.

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