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  • Evaluation of Abdominal Pain | How to approach patients ? | QuadBloggers

Evaluation of Abdominal Pain | How to approach patients ? | QuadBloggers

Evaluation of abdominal pain, a topic that needs clear understanding about the entire abdomen and how you can keep yourself healthy.

Insurance And Medical Security | General Information | QuadBloggers

Insurance and Medical Security are terms that describe a contract by which an insurance company agrees, in exchange to premiums offered.

Injuries and Accidents | Things you need to know | QuadBloggers

Injuries and Accidents are any harm, whatever illegally caused to any individual of mind, body, property or reputation.

Health | Nutrition, Gym, Fitness | Healthy Lifestyle? | QuadBloggers

Health as defined by the world health organization refers to "Absence of disease and being in peace with community, god and cosmos".

Chest pain (Angina pectoris) | Detailed | QuadBloggers

A condition that leads to extreme pain in the pectoral region or the chest, that spreads to the neck, shoulders and arms due to inadequate blood supply to the heart.…

Omicron | Update | What we know so far | By Scientists | QuadBloggers

Infectious disease called omicron is caused due to SARS-CoV-2. With different mutations on how it behaves i.e. severity and spread of the disease. The omicron variant has been creating waves…

Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) | Prevention | QuadBloggers

Human Papilloma Virus ( HPV ) is a condition that causes diseases in humans ranging from common warts to cervical cancer. Non-enveloped and double stranded DNA viruses. Furthermore, there are…

Depression | A Mental Health Disorder | QuadBloggers

Depression is a state of depressed mood on a daily basis for a minimum duration of 2 weeks. It is characterized by sadness, indifference, apathy, or irritability and changes in…