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Shivappa Idli Hotel | Darasaguppe | Unique Idli Experience | QuadBloggers

Have you ever waited 45 minutes to eat idli? Well I did and It was worth every second! This is about Shivappa Idli Hotel & wonderful Idlis.

Onion Dosa | Onion Uthappam | Easy South Indian breakfast | QuadBloggers

Onion Dosa/Onion Uthappam/Vengaya Uthappam is a healthy and tasty food item from down south India. It’s had mainly for breakfast but makes for a pretty good snack too. The mix…

Mushroom Fried Rice | Easy Recipe | QuadBloggers

The love Mushroom fried rice deep routed across the globe and yet the dish varies from one place to another!

Roasted Nuts | Healthy Indian Style | QuadBloggers

The recipe is so simple that you would take about 15 min to make it but gone in 5. So let's focus on this Healthy Indian style Roasted Nuts.

Whole Wheat Gulab Jamun | Tasty Recipe with a healthy twist | QuadBloggers

Today we look at a really simple recipe that can be considered healthy and delicious at the same time-Whole Wheat Gulab Jamun.

Sweet Corn Soup | A TasteTickle Style | QuadBloggers

Hey All, Welcome to the first post of Tastetickle. Before we dive into the world of cooking the sweet corn soup and divulge on the finest secrets of food and…

Beetroot Hummus | A Middle-Eastern Delicacy | QuadBloggers

Hummus is a traditional Middle Eastern dish that means “chickpeas”. It is said that the earliest known use of this dish was first observed in the 13th century, Cairo. It…