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dandeli and gokarna

Dandeli and Gokarna: My next travel journey took me to a blissful area of serene beauty that changed the way i think about life.

Well every travel destination teaches you something new right?.

After deciding for almost a month i decided to catch up with my old trekkers and travelers to visit the two beautiful towns of Karnataka.

After packing all the essentials for the trip, we decided to start this journey with a bang.

The Journey to Dandeli and Gokarna:

We had booked our travel with Muddy trails with a gang of about 25 unknown people.

Moreover, we were about to embark on a 8 to 10 hour journey across the town of Dandeli which was our first stop.

The journey to this beautiful location was content and filled with fun and joy.

We tend to introduce each other to people and start making new friends along the way.

dandeli and gokarna

Our first stop, at a homestay named “The Eagle Eye”.

The place is quite peaceful with the view of the fields around and majestic mountains surrounding it.

The sunrise and sunset is something that you need to look out for, when your at this place.

dandeli and gokarna

The stay :

Most of all, the property had well maintained tents and delicious food.

The tents, a major attraction of the area, neatly arranged beds and sheets seemed pretty functional.

The lighting at night was a highlight of the area, and is something to look out for as well.

dandeli and gokarna

Dandeli is famous for river rafting across India. It’s a mind-blowing experience.

The zeal to get on with it kept increasing with a frequent flow of adrenaline rush that was scaring the shit out of me for a moment.

dandeli and gokarna

Additionally, the first dive into the rough waves did teach me to take challenges no matter how difficult any task could be.

We literally sailed through it with ease and went on to take 2 more dips into the ferocious river that completely left me fearless.

Subsequently, all of them got into the river after rafting.

We enjoyed the rest of the time swimming, kayaking and playing around.


We then started heading back to our homestay wherein the staff welcomed us with amazing food and a bonfire lit to enjoy the entire night.

The evening, well spent with loud music, dancing and sharing personal experiences.

After a long day at Dandeli we decided get on with our journey

For another 3 hours to the beautiful coastal town of Gokarna.

This is where it starts getting interesting.

As we start nearing the coastal area,the smell of the Arabian sea was so mesmerizing that i was literally wondering when i would jump into the sea.

The beach :

We reached kudlu beach roughly after a 3 hour long journey.

Furthermore, the place was seemingly beautiful with foreigners and people across the country sun bathing.

Enjoying each others company at a blissful,yet peaceful sea side area.

Moreover, the shacks were amazing with fresh sea food being served at a reasonable price also.

The views on the other hand were spectacular.

The waves were amazing and the entire gang started feeling the waves splashing upon ourselves only to realize what we really miss !

We stayed there till sunset and had the most delicious dinner that were mouth watering to say the least.

Fish fry, king prawns, squid were some of the dishes to die for.

In conclusion, after spending almost 2 days of our blissful stay we decided to head back to civilization which was filled with chaos.

Moreover,go ahead and embark on such journeys that give you a peaceful mind once in a while.

And experience what the world has to offer.

Signing off till next time!! (Dandeli and Gokarna)

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