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Mar 22, 2022 #save, #water, #world
world water day 2022

World water day 2022, celebrated on the 22nd March. It deals with spreading awareness on the importance of saving and utilizing fresh water.

The World water day, considered auspicious since 1993, to save guard close to 2.5 billion people who are still not provided with safe water in the 21st century.

Over the years, Mass movements started with innovative ideas in all parts of the world to save water.

The main goal of world water day is to provide water and sanitation across the world to all, by 2030. To reduce the burden faced in the rural areas.

world water day 2022

Important measures :

  • Educate the literate and illiterate population about the use of fresh water and to avoid unnecessary wastage.
  • Avoid wastage by using water as required and close the taps to avoid leakage.
  • Visit rural areas and educate them regarding closing of lids during water storage activities to avoid diseases like malaria and dengue.
  • While fertilizers promote plant growth, but they even require high amount of water. Try to limit the use of fertilizers as much as possible to save water.
  • Furthermore, use of rain water harvesting methods employed.
  • Additionally, Install composting toilets. They help to cut water waste from your bathroom and do not require any water.
  • Maintain your irrigation system by clearing the clogs. Settings to water your plants effectively.
  • Simultaneously, Control the growth of weeds to reduce the competition of water.
  • Controlled and effective watering systems like drip irrigation employed.
  • Governments should visit rural areas and assess the quality of water being provided to them every year in order to avoid disease spread.

Why world water day 2022 considered important ?

  • According to the estimates by the United Nations, 1:3 people live without any fresh drinking water. About close to 6 billion in the future will suffer from scarcity, by the year 2050 if no steps are taken for its consumption.
  • World water day helps to affirm use of water and sanitation to all. poverty and environmental stability can be maintained, with economic growth.

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