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Mexican Cream Pasta | Easy Recipe | QuadBloggers

Well here, we are going to mix both, the creaminess and the Mexican spice to create the perfect blend: The Mexican Cream Pasta!

Crunchy Paneer Sub | Mouthwatering Easy Recipe | QuadBloggers

We Indians, have indulged ourselves with various types of Pav (Indian Bread) let it be with Pav Bhaji, Vada pav, Dabeli, or a plethora of many such dishes found across…

Semolina Upma | A Healthy Recipe | QuadBloggers

Semolina upma is a delectable South Indian dish that is usually considered as a breakfast or a dinner option.It is made by continuously stirring the roasted semolina(sooji) with veggies,green chilies,curry…

Beetroot Hummus | A Middle-Eastern Delicacy | QuadBloggers

Hummus is a traditional Middle Eastern dish that means “chickpeas”. It is said that the earliest known use of this dish was first observed in the 13th century, Cairo. It…