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Insurance and Medical security

Insurance and Medical Security are terms that describe a contract by which an insurance company agrees, in exchange to premiums offered, and to provide compensation a doctor who is insured as a result of his claimed professional negligence.

Insurance and Medical security

Main Objectives of Insurance and Medical security:

  • Professional interest of the claimed doctor protected and looked after at all costs.
  • To protect and compensate the doctor to any loss that directly arise from demands, claims and actions against him/her for medical negligence.
  • Provide professional advice in pre-litigation cases
  • To look after professional interests of the doctor when in need
  • Society contacted and dealt with before any admission entered into, all in all.

Things to look out, for insurance and medical security:

1) Medical Records:

  • Evaluation and care of the patients treatment
  • Proper and detailed documentation for reimbursement of the amount
  • To document a conversation between the doctor treating the patient and other health care professional related to the treatment of the case.
  • Simultaneously, Legal interest of the patient, hospital and practitioner protected and looked after.
  • Documentation and evaluate drug therapy and follow up of patient
  • Under health or accident insurance, life insurance and other medical policies, medical records taken care off, in case of medical negligence related issues.
  • Medical records should have the following information:
    • A) Name
    • B) Father’s name
    • C) Age
    • D) Sex
    • E) Occupation
    • D) Address
    • E) Date and timing of visiting the doctors clinic or hospital
    • F) Date and consent from patient regarding any treatment or surgery
    • G) Systemic examination findings noted
    • H) Clinical observations
    • I) Reports received regarding diagnosis
    • J) Complications
    • K) Opinion of consultation with hour and date
    • L) Diet
    • M) Furthermore, In cases of emergency, any specific diagnosis and reports checked periodically.
    • N) Identification of patient

2) Consent in Medical practice( Insurance And Medical Security):

  • Consent is permission or voluntary agreement between the doctor and the patient to carry out necessary treatment all in all.
  • Types of consent:
    • Implied
    • Express
    • Written
  • Rules for consent:
    • Oral consent in the presence of a nurse or medical personal
    • Additionally, Written consent
    • Informed, free and voluntary consent
    • Additionally, autopsy not to be carried out without consent
    • Simultaneously, discharge against medical advice if patient not willing to take the treatment with signature should be done.

3) Medicolegal cases :

  • In court cases, involving insurance claims, 2 identification marks should be taken by the medical officer in charge in any medicolegal case.
  • Additionally, verification of identification marks by medical officer is very important before bringing him to court

4) Psychological autopsy:

  • Psychological autopsy introduced in cases of claimed life insurance claims.
  • In cases of workers compensations all in all
  • Meanwhile, In civil cases, time of death determines who inherits the property or an insurance policy is in force

5) General :

  • In cases of presumption of death when the body is not found but the patient is dead, as to who inherits the insurance money.
  • In case of death of the bride, insurance claimed by the husband if started before her death.

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