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Vidyarthi Bhavan | Iconic Restaurant in Bangalore | QuadBloggers

Today we will explore one of the best vegetarian restaurant out here: Vidyarthi Bhavan and man I can't believe I waited 28 years to do this.

Italian Spaghetti | From the scratch | QuadBloggers

The rich sweetness form tomato and sourness form olives combined with sweetness from sweet corn makes Italian Spaghetti a very appetizing dish

Mexican Cream Pasta | Easy Recipe | QuadBloggers

Well here, we are going to mix both, the creaminess and the Mexican spice to create the perfect blend: The Mexican Cream Pasta!

Confused Italian Pasta | Made from Scratch | QuadBloggers

Well what happens when white sauce pasta meets red Italian sauce spaghetti? Well you get the holy moly Confused Italian Pasta.

Onion Dosa | Onion Uthappam | Easy South Indian breakfast | QuadBloggers

Onion Dosa/Onion Uthappam/Vengaya Uthappam is a healthy and tasty food item from down south India. It’s had mainly for breakfast but makes for a pretty good snack too. The mix…

Peri-Peri Garlic Dip | Easy Recipe | QuadBloggers

Peri-Peri Garlic dip is a classic dip that has a savoury taste to it with a tinge of sweetness to balance it out. The dip is usually enjoyed with nachos,…

Nachos Chips | Easy and Tasty Recipe | QuadBloggers

Nacho, Nacho, Nachos.. this dish is middle eastern yet global. We have seen multiple vendors selling nachos chips in puffed up packets in different flavors and yet, nothing can beat…

Mushroom Fried Rice | Easy Recipe | QuadBloggers

The love Mushroom fried rice deep routed across the globe and yet the dish varies from one place to another!

Whole Wheat Gulab Jamun | Tasty Recipe with a healthy twist | QuadBloggers

Today we look at a really simple recipe that can be considered healthy and delicious at the same time-Whole Wheat Gulab Jamun.

Grilled Pineapple | Easy Recipe | QuadBloggers

This variation on a pineapple is quite succulent, juicy, tasty and, of course, can fill our stomachs and heart at the same time. Here, we present to you on a…